Talking With Turpin

Talking With Turpin

3 Seasons

Uncover biblical truth with conversations hosted by Answers in Genesis–UK’s Simon Turpin.

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Talking With Turpin
  • The Wonder of the Human Voice

    Episode 1

    The way the human voice works is a marvel of acoustic engineering. Award-winning engineer, Prof. Andy McIntosh will look at how the voice works both in speaking and singing, noting that the ability to sing with words is unique to humans and, supremely, there is One Voice which is unique above all...

  • Answering Atheism

    Episode 2

    Atheism is a religion. The atheistic worldview compartmentalizes reality and then denies everything it has labeled “supernatural.” Atheism is internally inconsistent. It fails to account for things it assumes are real, such as morality, science and reason.

    Simon Turpin is the executive director...

  • Adam: the first and the last

    Episode 3

    Was there ever a real historical first man called Adam? Because of the theory of evolution, an increasing number of evangelical theologians are denying this. It also shows why, if you attack the ‘first Adam’, you ultimately attack the life, teaching and person of the ‘Last Adam’, our Lord Jesus C...

  • Why Theistic Evolution is Incompatible with the Bible

    Episode 4

    Theistic evolution rejects the truth of Scripture. In this talk Simon explains the consequences of injecting Naturalism into the Bible. He reviews the essential doctrines this false teaching violates and encourages everyone to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

    Simon Turpin is the exe...