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Up Next in Season 4

  • S4E4 Salt of the Earth

    Did you know that when metals react with another substance it can create a salt? Why is Himalayan salt pink? What do fireworks have to do with salts?

    Mr. P explains how mixing Sodium metal (highly reactive by itself) and Chlorine gas (extremely toxic by itself) creates Sodium Chloride (an elec...

  • S4E5 Sticking Together

    God created the heavens and the earth and the smallest unit of Creation is the atom. Atoms consist of electrons, neutrons, and protons. In this episode, learn about the magic number 8 as Mr. P explains covalent bonds, which is when electrons are shared between atoms. Mr. P shows several demonstra...

  • S4E6 Hands On: Making Molecular Molec...

    In S4E5 we learned about atoms and molecules. It is suggested that you watch that episode first. In this hands-on episode, Mr. P will demonstrate how to create molecular models and then you will follow the instructions in the link below.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at: