Unlocking Science

Unlocking Science

5 Seasons

Explore science (and watch some things blow up!) with your new favorite science teacher,
Mr. Roger Patterson.

Unlocking Science
  • S3E1 Acids and Bases

    Episode 1

    What is an acid? What is a base? What is a PH level? What happens when you mix acids and bases together? What tools can I use to determine whether a substance is an acid or a base? How are acids and bases involved in food chemistry and medicine?

  • S3E2 Molecular Machines

    Episode 2

    When you look around the world, do you see chaos or order? Mr. P and Dr. Purdom take a closer look at microscopic molecular machines.

  • S3E3 Invisible Invaders

    Episode 3

    Mr. P arrives late from deer hunting, and he didn't wash his hands!

  • S3E4 All About Alcohols

    Episode 4

    Mr. P and Quinn help you understand alcohols. These organic compounds can be dangerous, but when we harness their energy they can be useful too.

  • S3E5 Speeding Things Up

    Episode 5

    Patience and math skills help a lot in science . . . but, sometimes you want your chemical reactions to work faster.

  • S3E6 Hands On: Sour or Bitter?

    Episode 6

    Three hands-on experiments you can do at home with acids and bases found in most homes.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • S3E7 Taking Flight

    Episode 7

    Look! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Mr. P. and Dr. Danny Faulkner discussing the principles of flight. Enjoy this lab session as you learn how things that fly... can fly.

  • S3E8 Monsters in the Microscope

    Episode 8

    Mr. P explains the use of the microscope and explores the abundance of life in a drop of pondwater.

  • S3E9 Dealing with Density

    Episode 9

    Mr. P and guest Dr. Danny Faulkner discuss concepts that explain the composition of matter.

  • S3E10 Forces in Action

    Episode 10

    Mr. P and Dr. Danny Faulkner explain the physics of motion, force, speed, and acceleration.

  • S3E11 Charged Up Chemistry

    Episode 11

    Mr. P and Dr. Danny Faulkner team up to make a battery from chemicals and different metals to explain the forces of electricity.

  • S3E12 Hands On! Building a Battery

    Episode 12

    Mr. P and Dr. Danny Faulkner demonstrate electrical principles as they build a battery in an ice cube tray.

  • 2021 Unlocking Science Season 3 Teaser

    A quick glimpse into what is coming in Season 3 of Unlocking Science