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Metamorphosis: from Bug to Beauty

Season 2, Episode 32

Up Next in Season 2

  • Hands On: Moon Mapping

    Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner show you how to build your own inclinometer so you can unlock the science of astronomy by mapping and tracking the moon.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • Eyes That See

    Unlock anatomy with Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Menton as they look at how eyes see! Eyes catch light, focus lenses to form images, and translate those images into signals for your brain. “Your eyes have seen what the Lord did…” Deuteronomy 4:3

  • Talking Telescopes

    How are telescopes like your eyes? Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner look into the mechanics of astronomy. Learn about reflectors, refractors and mounts. We have some amazing telescopes at the Creation Museum!

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