Unlocking Science

Unlocking Science

3 Seasons

Explore science (and watch some things blow up!) with your new favorite science teacher, Mr. Roger Patterson.

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Unlocking Science
  • Unlocking Science

    Episode 1

    Science experiments in the lab at the Creation Museum

  • Acids and Bases

    Episode 2

    You can find them all around your house. Some flavor our foods and others clean our floors. Learn how to tell the difference between an acid and a base and how to measure the strength of an acid using a titration.

  • Germs and Infections

    Episode 3

    Learn about germs and infections in this lab live from the Creation Museum.

  • Don’t Be So Dense

    Episode 4

    Everything God created has specific properties. We can use these to distinguish fool’s gold (iron pyrite) from real gold.

  • Electrified Chemistry

    Episode 5

    We use batteries every day in many ways. But how do we get energy out of something that just looks like a little tube?

  • Controlling Combustion

    Episode 6

    WARNING: Fire! Without thousands of controlled explosions, you wouldn’t be able to drive to the grocery store to get food for your family. Let’s learn about how we control combustion reactions.

  • Inky Chemistry

    Episode 7

    The inks we use in our everyday lives have some secrets. We will uncover them with these techniques you can use at home.

  • Under Pressure

    Episode 8

    Whether you realize it or not, the gases above you are pushing down on you wherever you go. While the gases around us don’t seem very strong, we will learn just how powerful they are.

  • Setting the Seasons Straight

    Episode 9

    Why do we get colder in winter and warmer in summer? Join us as we learn about how God created the earth to give us seasons.

  • Flaming Metals

    Episode 10

    God created elements. Each element has a unique signature. Learn how we identify metals by their flaming colors.

  • Physics of Flight

    Episode 11

    How does a giant metal tube fly through the air?

  • Crash Force

    Episode 12

    Things collide around you all the time. Let’s learn about force!

  • Animal Fingerprints

    Episode 13

    If our wallaby committed a crime, would you be able to convict him based on fingerprint evidence?

  • DNA Juice

    Episode 14

    Sucking the life out of a strawberry! DNA extraction made easy.

  • Fingerprints at Home

    Episode 15

    Every fingerprint is unique. Learn how you can look at your own amazing prints!

  • Rockets: Going Up—How Do You Launch a Satellite?

    Episode 16

    Learn about rockets and satellites from AiG's Dr. Danny Faulkner and Roger Patterson. We shoot off different rockets and learn more about air pressure.

    Parental supervision is required.

  • Popping Pop

    Episode 17

    Why does a can of soda explode if you freeze it? Roger Patterson and Dr. Jennifer Rivera examine adhesion, cohesion and density,

  • Fossil Extraction

    Episode 18

    How do fossils get from the ground to the museum? Plaster casting fossils to extract them in a safe way.

  • Bone Detective

    Episode 19

    Forensic anthropology identifies the differences between male and female skeletons.

  • How Far Is That Star?

    Episode 20

    Without a tape measure, how do astronomers measure the distance to a star?

  • The Golden Ratio

    Episode 21

    God has put amazing proportions into sunflowers, seashells, storms and all creation.

  • Flaming Foods

    Episode 22

    How does your body burn the food you eat?

  • Monsters in the Water

    Episode 23

    What is lurking in the pond?

  • Bending Light

    Episode 24

    How can you see things when they aren’t really there?