Schus Off!

Schus Off!

2 Seasons

The Schus are off on an exploration in God’s creation! Join Trevor and Avery Schu, along with their kids, as they meet some incredible creatures and discover basic creation and biblical truths.

Schus Off!
  • S2E1 Birders

    Episode 1

    Trevor and Avery track down birds to add to their species list—and they receive quite the surprise halfway through the list! Come along and meet some of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum’s incredible birds.

  • S2E2 Crawlers

    Episode 2

    Winston says it's doomsday as the forest is taken over by giant bugs with red eyes. What are they? And are creepy crawlies really that creepy?

    photo by: Mackenzie Wryghte

  • S2E3 Sense-ers

    Episode 3

    It’s “Schus Off! Gameshow”! Will Trevor be able to get enough answers right, using his senses of sight, taste, and smell, to win the fabulous grand prize? Guess along with Trevor and meet some amazing creature friends during this gameshow special.

  • S2E4 Image Bearers

    Episode 4

    Trevor and Avery paint masterpieces before exploring God's creation and meeting lemurs, kunekune pigs, and a mealy amazon parrot. Along the way, they discover what makes humans unique from everything else God made.

  • S2E5 Herders

    Episode 5

    Shearing alpacas is hard work—and why are there so many of them? Discover why some animals live in groups, while others lead solitary lives, as Trevor and Avery meet an armadillo, a fennec fox, a massive Taiwan beauty snake, and more. Along the way, they'll explore if humans were created to live ...

  • Schus Off! Season 2 Bloopers

    Join Avery and Trevor for a look at funny moments from Schus Off! Season 2!

  • Schus Off! Season 2 Trailer

    Ready for more explorations in God's creation? Season 2 of Schus Off! is coming soon! Join Trevor as he gets ready for this exciting new season (and find out how you can appear in the show!).
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    Instructions for sending your short video to be considered for inclusion in the next season of Schus Off!