Relevance of Genesis

Relevance of Genesis

What does Genesis have to do with the problems facing our culture today? Get answers regarding the age of the earth, evangelism, parenting, the culture war, death and suffering, and more!

Relevance of Genesis
  • Was There Really a “Land Before Time”?


    The books folks my age read as children had pictures depicting dinosaurs sitting in the backdrop of an exotic, tropical forest, with a volcano spewing lava in the background. Usually there were various flying reptiles hovering around, but there would almost always be no mammals in sight. Little d...

  • Samurai, Sushi, and Survival of the Fittest


    For those of you like me, who grew up going to state-run schools and watching mainstream media and entertainment, evolutionary stories like the Samurai crab supposedly being ‘proof’ of evolution should cause us to consider something: The false narratives we often readily recognize on our daily ne...

  • Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

    Ken Ham’s most popular talk on the relevance of Genesis, this presentation is a challenge to the church that explains why a belief in a literal Genesis is so important.

  • The Authority Crisis in the Church

    Don't miss Ken Ham's update on Genesis, compromise, and how to help your church stay committed to God's Word.

  • The Tower of Babel (2011)

    This video answers the most important questions about the Tower of Babel and the intriguing topics related to it. What happened at Babel is key to understanding evangelism and the lands and people of the world today!

  • Stop Trusting Man’s Word

    Ken Ham challenges Christians to hold a high view of Scripture—all of Scripture.

  • Ken Ham’s Foundations

    1 season

    Millions of Christians have decided that the Bible is out of date. They’ve decided that the words of Jesus aren’t always true. The Foundations series reveals the alarming state of Christianity today.

  • Encountering Noah and the Ark

    Get some behind-the-scenes looks at the Ark Encounter project while discovering answers to many skeptical challenges and most-asked questions about Noah and the Ark.

    Tim Chaffey is the content manager for the Ark Encounter. He speaks regularly at the Creation Museum, camps, schools, and churche...

  • The Genesis Account of Noah’s Ark

    1 season

    The idea of a man building a giant boat to rescue humanity has been the subject of much interest and scrutiny, and Noah and his Ark have been represented in many different ways throughout human history. The Ark is a common target for those who wish to mock a plain reading of the Bible. Even withi...

  • Gospel Reset

    Ken Ham teaches from Acts 2 and Acts 17 at the Answers for Pastors conference. Discover how to be more effective in reaching the lost with the truth of the gospel!

  • Rescuing Our Kids from the Lie

    Parents need to know what they can do to help rescue their kids from the Evil One, secularists, and the culture. Discover how churches that don’t teach apologetics, churches that compromise God’s Word, the “fluff-and-stuff” curricula of many Sunday schools, and compromising Christian colleges are...

  • Relevance of Genesis (2017)

    In this dynamic presentation, Ken Ham addresses the importance and authority of the Bible’s book of Genesis in the life and theology of the Christian.

  • Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

    With so many areas for the church to deal with, we need to ask ourselves, "What is the key issue the church needs to focus on?" Discover the answer in this dynamic video presentation!

  • What the Genesis Text Really Says About Creation

    5 items

    Biblical and scientific reasons from Genesis as to why we should not compromise God’s Word with evolution,
    including biblical and scientific evidences for a worldwide flood, why it matters what we believe, and the
    cost of compromise.

  • Adam: The First and the Last (2017)

    Simon Turpin looks at objections to God’s direct creation of the fully human man called Adam and then shows why this view is crucial because of the implications on the doctrines of sin, salvation, and Christology.

  • Tracing the Gospel through History Beginning in Genesis

    Bryan Osborne, Answers in Genesis speaker, presents at the Answers Easter Event.

  • Why Genesis Matters for a Biblical Worldview of Sexuality

    Sexuality is grounded in God’s original design of male and female and the unique one-flesh union of marriage between one man and one woman. Without the foundation of a literal Genesis, we’re lost.

  • The Tireless Dragon of Old

    The Bible describes a centuries-old serpent dedicated to the systematic, eternal destruction of every man, woman and child that’s ever been born. Trying to avoid the schemes of the Tireless Dragon of Old won’t work. Rather, believers need to understand his main attack, how it manifests itself tod...

  • The History & Impact of the Book “The Genesis Flood”

    Movie + 3 extras

    As coauthor of the groundbreaking book, The Genesis Flood, Whitcomb shares about God’s hand in the book’s grassroots success and intriguing background about his collaboration with coauthor, the late Dr. Henry Morris.

  • Christian Unity and the Age of the Earth

    Jesus Christ is not just God of the gospels; He’s God of the entire Bible. True unity, based in Jesus, means defending God’s Word from the very first verse!

  • Genesis and the State of the Church & Culture

    Ken Ham reveals alarming cultural trends in Australia and America that result in hopelessness and spiritual disillusionment in teens and adults. The solution is to see that the Bible can be trusted... from the very first verse!

  • Six Days

    Eisegesis? Ken Ham gets to the heart of the debate about the six days of creation. If we read from what the biblical text says (exegesis), it allows only one interpretation—six 24-hour days. Any other interpretation is eisegesis (“reading into” the Bible).

  • Genesis, Science, and the Culture War

    Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom spoke in a packed auditorium at the University of Central Oklahoma about cultural issues and the battle of foundations.

  • The Relevance of Genesis for Today’s Family

    If we want our children to be able to stand, they need to know how to think foundationally from God's Word and be able to defend the Christian faith.