6 Episodes

The reEngage Conference brought Ken Ham and Andrew Snelling to re-engage Christians in their church, community, and culture. Filmed live before an Australian audience.

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  • Genesis and the State of the Church & Culture

    Episode 1

    Ken Ham reveals alarming cultural trends in Australia and America that result in hopelessness and spiritual disillusionment in teens and adults. The solution is to see that the Bible can be trusted... from the very first verse!

  • Science Confirms a Young Earth

    Episode 2

    Dr. Andrew Snelling reveals the faulty logic of some evidence interpretation methods. There is much evidence that confirms the earth is young, just as the Bible clearly teaches.

  • Communicating the Christian Message in a Secularized Culture

    Episode 3

    Ken Ham reveals the importance of getting people on the “right road” to communicate the gospel effectively. He contrasts two passages to show how the Apostles Peter and Paul preached differently to share the gospel.

  • Fossils and Rock Layers: The Flood, not Evolution and Millions of Years

    Episode 4

    Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling shows that the extent and order of the rock layers and the fossils they contain indicate that a global inundation (a worldwide flood) occurred and wiped out many creatures burying them in sediment layers across the continents.

  • Developing a Truly Christian Worldview

    Episode 5

    Ken Ham shares the importance of having the right foundation to develop a truly Christian worldview in all areas of life. You will discover answers that break through the academic pride of anyone who doubts the clear account of creation.

  • One Race, One Blood (2018)

    Episode 6

    Ken Ham shows that the biblical worldview eliminates racism, and emphasizes the need for salvation for all people. This illustrated lecture covers both natural selection, and the genetic scientific data confirming that there are not multiple races, but one human race!