Recent Additions

Recent Additions

Recent Additions
  • How Codes Reveal Creation

    Understanding the nature of information content shows how codes reveal creation.

  • Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show

    10 seasons

    New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

    We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

    From social issues and apologe...

  • Worldview and a Christian Philosophy of History (part 2)

    There can only be a transcendent solution to the problem of history, by the incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension and kingdom rule of the man Jesus Christ. Only in the providence and sovereignty of God can we face the future and rest secure in his promise of restoration and renewal for all ...

  • Modern Miracle: Olivia’s Story

    On August 11, 2020, our good friend Olivia Swan was in a very bad car wreck with her father. They were hit by a semitruck on the interstate, and Olivia suffered horrific injuries. In this episode of The Wild Way, join Olivia as she shares her story and what God has taught her over this past year.

  • How many individual animals were on board?

    How many individual animals were on board? Having examined what the biblical ‘kinds’ of animals the Bible refers to that were aboard Noah’s Ark, we now explore how many were there onboard, how could they possibly all fit on board, and how could only 8 people possibly care for all of them? Explore...

  • Samurai, Sushi, and Survival of the Fittest


    For those of you like me, who grew up going to state-run schools and watching mainstream media and entertainment, evolutionary stories like the Samurai crab supposedly being ‘proof’ of evolution should cause us to consider something: The false narratives we often readily recognize on our daily ne...

  • One-of-a-Kind Homeschool Event at the Ark

    Join Ken Ham, Zan Tyler, Heidi St. John, Michael Farris, and Israel Wayne at the Ark Encounter in May 2022 at this unique homeschool event: "Building Strong Foundations: A Family Homeschool Experience"

    Tour the life-size Ark Encounter with exclusive after-hours access, meet the animals in Arara...

  • Change: Needing More


    NOTE: May not be appropriate for pre-teen audiences.
    We all want change for the better. But what if you can’t get the change you need most? Follow three lives, on the verge of disaster, that desperately needed something more.

  • Lección 5 – “D” es por Dinosaurio

    ¿Nunca te has preguntado sobre los dinosaurios y la Biblia? Aunque la palabra “dinosaurio” no está en la Biblia, eso no significa que no fueron parte de la maravillosa creación de Dios. En esta lección, no solo aprenderás sobre preposiciones, y adjetivos posesivos en inglés, sino también aprender...

  • "Long Foretold"— A Christmas Play Like No Other

    Learn about this unique children’s Christmas play for churches and Christian schools. In this delightful children’s program, many questions are answered as the wise men discover the truth about the bright shining star they are following.

    Learn more: ...

  • How to Play Cribbage with Ken Ham & Mr. P

    Join Ken Ham and Roger Patterson (Mr. P) as they discuss the new Ark-edition cribbage game and how to play cribbage. Normally the game is played with two players, but It can be adapted for three and four players with this unique 4-track cribbage board.

    Order the new, exclusive Ark-edition cribba...

  • Unlocking Science

    3 seasons

    Explore science (and watch some things blow up!) with your new favorite science teacher, Mr. Roger Patterson.

  • A Wild Encounter with Ken Ham and the Wild Brothers

    Ken Ham chats with Hudson, Kian, and Asher Wild of The Wild Brothers about missionary life, modern missions, unreached peoples, why they created their popular reality show, future plans, and more. It's a fun interview with behind-the-scenes stories and a wonderful perspective from three godly you...

  • Alex Kendrick & Ken Ham at Ararat Ridge Zoo

    Join actor and director Alex Kendrick and Ken Ham as they pet a wallaby, see baby emus, and check out a few of the 200+ animals at Ararat Ridge Zoo with Animal Presenter Karina Altman at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. Alex and Ken also discuss the upcoming red carpet movie screening of C...

  • Creation Basics

    3 seasons

    Creation Basics is designed to make God’s creation part of your everyday conversation. By providing a brief, daily dose of relevant, apologetic content tackling a specific issue, we trust the Lord will lead many to it so as to equip his people and challenge the non-believer to trust the Word of God.

  • “The Gender & Marriage War” Is Out!

    A powerful new book, edited by Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, and Avery Foley, addresses the gender and marriage issues head on! Discover why there’s a war on gender and marriage, how parents can equip the next generation to stand, and what the big-picture perspective is for tackling these hot-button issu...

  • Science Confirms the Bible Again in Ground-Breaking Grand Canyon Research

    Science always confirms the Bible because the Bible’s history is true. And a four-year, in-depth research project by a world-class PhD geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling, once again confirms what we’d expect starting with God’s Word—and confounds evolutionary expectations.

    Dr. Snelling, who has a Ph...

  • Ark Encounter 5th Anniversary

    President Joe Boone and founder Ken Ham celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Ark Encounter. Filmed in the Answers Center, this presentation reviews major milestones at the attraction, then looks at some of our plans for the future.

  • The Legacy of the Gospel


    In a changing world the foundations of the past are questioned. Journey with Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, into a unique legacy that still speaks today. This intimate look into key moments and behind-the-scenes experiences will reveal a timeless truth for all believers.

  • Out and About # 18

    Join Buddy Out and About as he explores moose and loons, sings “The Happy Moose” and “Gold in Alaska”, and draws a cartoon moose.

  • Learn to Defend Your Faith by Memorizing Scripture

    Technology has information at our fingertips, but our relationship with God needs to be one of the heart, not the smartphone. Go deeper into Scripture by learning techniques that will help you memorize Scripture and enable you to defend your faith better.

    Tom Meyer is known as The Bible Memory M...

  • Divided Nation at HEAV '21

    After Ken's presentation "Raising Generations to Survive the Destructive Tornado of Secularism" he took several questions from the audience.

    Originally broadcast on Friday June 11, 2021 as part of the annual conference hosted by the Home Educators Association of Virginia.


  • Noah's Ark & The Global Flood (Webinar)

    8 videos

    If there really was a worldwide flood, what would the evidence be? How could Noah fit the animals on the ark? Why weren’t more than 8 people saved? This special conference will tackle many common misconceptions by looking at the Bible to make sure we know the size of the ark, the number of animal...