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  • Filipinos, Jews and Greeks

    “Ma’am,” a voice called from somewhere overhead, “time to move. We’re starting mass.”
    I rolled over to see an officer’s face floating above me. Mass at the airport? Religion must be more central to Filipino culture than I’d expected.

    Emerging from my sleeping bag, I deflated the $4 neon pool ...

  • In the Land of the Rising Sun

    “What’s in this one?” I asked, lifting the lid of the tiny porcelain jar. The contents looked unlike anything I’d seen before—a wet mass of squishy pallor sitting in something yellow.
    “It’s raw squid,” replied my Japanese friend.
    Uh oh.
    I hadn’t ordered this! But apparently, the mysterious le...

  • What a Hamster’s Funeral Reveals Abou...

    “Can I tell you a story about the challenges of being a Christian in Japan?” asked the white-shirted young man, a graduate from a local university.

    “Absolutely,” I answered from across the table laden with all manner of sushi fillings, including meats both cooked and raw. A group of about 15 Ch...