Operation Arctic Daily Drama

Operation Arctic Daily Drama

5 Episodes

This drama begins in the city with a high-powered executive who is fed up with the rat race. He decides to move to the wilderness for a quieter, simpler existence. Little does he realize all that’s in store—missing treasure, goofy bad guys, unexpected visitors, and plenty of action!

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Operation Arctic Daily Drama
  • Operation Arctic Drama: Scene 1

    Episode 1

    Walt has a hard time telling his sister, Margot, about his plans to leave for Alaska. Dusty gives Walt a Bible, but he doesn’t seem very interested.

  • Operation Arctic Drama: Scene 2

    Episode 2

    After settling happily in Alaska, Walt receives a mysterious letter. Greedy treasure hunters scheme to find a treasure they believe is buried under Walt’s cabin.

  • Operation Arctic Drama: Scene 3

    Episode 3

    Walt’s sister drops in for an unexpected visit, with news about a big change in her life.

  • Operation Arctic Drama: Scene 4

    Episode 4

    After Margot reads Bible verses to Walt, explaining the gospel to him, Walt makes the most important decision of his life.

  • Operation Arctic Drama: Scene 5

    Episode 5

    The treasure hunters become desperate. Have they missed the true hidden treasure?