One Race, One Blood

One Race, One Blood

12 Episodes

In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the racism issue from a biblical perspective. Get equipped to experience the barrier-shattering power of the gospel message, beginning in Genesis.

These twelve videos supplement our One Race, One Blood curriculum:

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One Race, One Blood
  • Unity of Humanity

    Episode 1

    Pastor Pavel Urruchi examines foundational truths from Genesis 1–3. God’s history reveals the unity of humanity. Our personal, speaking Creator relates to humanity. He created us for his glory. Before the face of God, we are all equal. But, man’s rebellion ruined the shalom of Eden. Breaking our ...

  • Unity of Humanity (part 2)

    Episode 2

    Pastor Pavel Urruchi continues his message. God’s history in Genesis 4–11 reveals the unity of humanity. The sin-cycle we see in Genesis still harms our world today. In our evil nature, we hate our brothers. Our gracious God seeks and clothes and promises not to leave humanity lost in rebellion. ...

  • Tower of Babel

    Episode 3

    The same people who reject creation and the flood also insist the tower of Babel is merely a myth. But, the Bible can be trusted and the historical events recorded in Genesis give us the foundation we need to defeat racism. Racists used evolution to justify: displaying a man named Ota Benga in a ...

  • After Babel, Nations Move Out

    Episode 4

    After the tower of Babel, humanity split up into language groups and spread out over the world. The table of nations in Genesis 10 shows how every family traces back to Noah’s sons. Ziggurat architecture around the world demonstrates many peoples’ memories of that original tower. Linguistics show...

  • One Race, Many Nations

    Episode 5

    What does Cain’s wife have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Pastor David Chakranarayan reviews the history of Adam’s family and the genetic variability that explains how one family produced the diversity of human cultures we find all around the world.

  • Check This Out: Races

    Episode 6

    This 3-minute overview explains the biblical teaching that all of humanity is one family. We reject the popular definition of “race,” consider genetics, review key Scriptures, and celebrate the truth that every man and woman are created in God’s image.

    This short film appears in many of our spea...

  • Babel and the Gospel

    Episode 7

    What does the tower of Babel have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Pastor David Chakranarayan shows how we are all related to one another. He reviews the history of the tower of Babel and encourages us to be like God, looking past external appearances to the spiritual condition of our fello...

  • The Gospel and Cultural Context

    Episode 8

    Some people think the gospel is foolishness; others find it to be a stumbling block. Ken Ham compares two sermons: Peter preaching to the Jews in Acts 2 and Paul preaching to Greeks in Acts 17. The gospel, revealed once for all, challenges different cultures in different ways.

    This segment is us...

  • Grace Relations: DREAM - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Racism is a global problem, and the church must move past the blame and shame game. Our one, sinful race needs GRACE (God’s Reconciliation At Christ’s Expense). The gospel is powerful enough to bring us together and hold us together for the glory of God! Dr. Charles Ware shares lessons learned fr...

  • Grace Relations: DREAM - Part 2

    Episode 10

    We live in a fallen world. Relationships are difficult. Confusion, opposition, and failure hamper our conversations. Dr. Charles Ware reminds us that God loves and God takes the initiative. His people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can imitate his method. Good things don’t make the news. But God ...

  • Grace Relations: DREAM - Part 3

    Episode 11

    Our thinking needs to be biblical. When we say, “We are all one race, one family, with one Savior,” does that mean we’re trying to minimize, ignore or erase the evils, problems and dysfunction in our history, our communities, our nations, and our world? Dr. Charles Ware says no, then points us to...

  • Grace Relations: DREAM - Part 4

    Episode 12

    If Jesus is the Lord, then he calls the shots. We need discernment. We need to ask each other questions. We need to listen. Are we willing to learn? Dr. Charles Ware challenges Christians to go beyond stereotypes and groupthink. God’s way forward requires faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, p...