Ocean Explorers

Ocean Explorers

4 Episodes

Ocean Explorers...explores the excitement, beauty and wonder God's undersea creation!

Mr. & Mrs. Brown...have been bringing God's creation under the ocean to children and adults nationwide for over 30 years. They are experts on the ocean environment with over 40 years of experience exploring the oceans of the world. Wayne and Karen bring their expertise as marine researchers, Arctic & Antarctic Expedition Guides, educators, and award-winning photographers to Ocean Explorer shows. Knowledgeable, articulate and enthusiastic, the Browns have been featured nationally and internationally on TV, radio, the Internet, and in magazines, books, and newspapers.

Ocean Explorers
  • The California Forest Under the Sea Expedition

    Episode 1

    Visit a mysterious forest that God created under the sea and meet the animals that God designed to live in this unique ocean environment! Play with seals and sea lions. Have a close encounter with so-called dangerous marine animals such as sting rays, moray eels and sharks!

  • The Belize Whale Shark Expedition

    Episode 2

    Join Ocean Explorers, Mr. & Mrs. Brown on their explorations of God’s ocean creation and their search to document the largest shark on the planet -- the Whale Shark! Discover why the largest shark on the Earth is the most gentle and harmless of all the sharks that God created. Their search takes ...

  • The Norway Polar Bear Expedition

    Episode 3

    Were Polar Bears around at the time of Creation? How are Polar Bears really ocean mammals? Join Ocean Explorers, Mr. & Mrs. Brown as they travel to a remote Norwegian island near the North Pole to search for the largest bear and the largest carnivore on Earth -- the Polar Bear! On their search fo...

  • The Australia Great White Shark Expedition

    Episode 4

    Find out the facts versus the fantasies about great white sharks as we search for great white sharks at Dangerous Reef, South Australia. Learn the special attributes that God gave great white sharks. Join us as we dive with a 15 foot long, 3,000 pound female great white shark! Learn how great whi...