In Arabic - Modern Science and The Bible - Conference from Alexandria Egypt

In Arabic - Modern Science and The Bible - Conference from Alexandria Egypt

11 Episodes

Join the conference from Alexandria Egypt. Presented in Arabic and English during September of 2018. Watch and see how Modern Science and the Bible are being presented and discussed around the world.

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In Arabic - Modern Science and The Bible - Conference from Alexandria Egypt
  • The Importance of Genesis

    Episode 1

    The literal interpretation of Genesis 1-11
    The events of Genesis are real history and not a symbolic or myth
    The events of Genesis 1-11 are the foundation of the Christian Faith

  • A Contradiction Between Modern Science and The Bible?

    Episode 2

    What is science? The difference between operational science and historical science. Naturalistic starting point in comparison with the Biblical starting point.

  • Creation in Six Literal Days

    Episode 3

    Evolution world view in Biology, Geology and cosmology.
    The different views about the days of creation.
    The importance of understanding the days of creation as literal days.
    The biblical record does not allow for millions of years.

  • Was Darwin Right?

    Episode 4

    Scientific problems with evolution theory
    Natural selection is not evolution
    Mutations are not a creative power
    Understanding the Biblical creation as recorded in Genesis and the importance of “created according to its “Kind”

  • The Creation of Adam and Eve

    Episode 5

    Evolutionary views of the descent of Man.
    Are there intermediates in the Human history?
    What about the missing links? Critique of the proposed intermediate links.
    The importance of the special creation of Adam and Eve on the image of God.

  • Millions of Years - Where Did the Idea Come From?

    Episode 6

    Unitarianism Geology compared to Catastrophic flood Geology
    The importance of understanding the global flood of Noah
    The present is not the key to the past , but the events of Noah’s flood could explain the Geological layers and the fossils

  • Questions, Answers, Discussions

    Episode 7

    Gap theory, Garden of Eden and the fall of Satan.
    Age of the fossils and radio isotope dating methods.
    Source of the light before creation of the Sun on day four of the week of creation.

  • Noah’s Flood

    Episode 8

    It is real event and not a myth.
    It was a global flood not a local one.
    The duration of the the flood and the geological effects of catastrophic flood.
    Evidence of global flood.

  • Washing Away Millions of Years?

    Episode 9

    Events of Noah’s global flood and its effects on the layers of the earth and the fossils.
    Geological evidence of young earth.
    Radiometric dating.
    Does formation of fossils require millions of years?

  • More Questions, Answers, Discussions

    Episode 10

    Did Dinosaurs enter the Ark of Noah? Why there are similarities between Apes and humans?
    Does the Big Bang agree with the Biblical creation? What about the rudimentary organs in humans? Why do humans have different skin colors. Did humans descend from Adam and Eve?

  • Tower of Babel

    Episode 11

    Tower of Babel - is it a real event in history?
    Origin of languages and different people groups.
    How can we explain the different skin color in the different people groups?