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Living Waters - 2022

His Friend Tried To Pull Him Away. Watch What Happened

Season 4, Episode 15

Up Next in 2022: October - December

  • Watch This Atheist Change Her Mind In...

    As Ray Comfort talks to this college student she claims she's an Atheist. Through some common reasoning, Ray shows her how foolish atheism truly is. The fact that they believe the unscientific thing is that nothing created everything is absurd thinking. She quickly sees how incorrect her line of ...

  • Is This Where God Definitely Sinned?

    Is This Where God Definitely Sinned?

  • Satan Does This RIGHT When I Get to t...

    Over the years, Ray Comfort has witnessed the devil do something very often when he’s out evangelizing, and this video is a clear example of it taking place. But we shouldn’t be surprised, because the Bible actually tells us that this would happen.