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Living Waters - 2022

Abortion Debate Pro-Lifer Vs. Pro-Choice BLM Advocate

Season 4, Episode 1

Up Next in 2022: October - December

  • Gender Is Fluid Until You Bring THIS Up

    Mark Spence, the Senior Vice President of Living Waters, hits the streets to talk to people about gender, identity, abortion, and other controversial topics from a Christian worldview. You'll be fascinated—and also grieved—by many of the responses you'll hear. Mark Spence then shares the gospel.

  • Too Many Christians Believe This Lie…

    Mark Spence, a Christian, has a conversation about current moral issues with two men at Huntington Beach. One of them, a professing Christian, has some interesting beliefs about these issues that Mark needed to address biblically. He then takes the conversation to the place that matters most: the...

  • Hollywood Will Regret Treating Satan ...

    Hollywood has produced a new TV show called “Little Demon,” which makes light of Satan, the demonic realm, and even the antichrist. This is simply shocking to say the least, but it’s simply proof of how much this world loves darkness and hates the Light. In this video, Ray Comfort comments on the...

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