Living Waters - 2022

Living Waters - 2022

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2022

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2022
  • Homeless Man Was SHOCKED When a Christian Gave Him This

    Episode 1

    During evangelism, Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne came across a homeless person. It turned into an unforgettably beautiful evangelism encounter, as the man had an extremely humble and receptive heart to the gospel. At the end, E.Z. gives him a gift that brings him to tears.

  • I Thought George Harrison Wasn't Saved. Then I Saw This.

    Episode 2

    For many years, Ray Comfort has concluded that George Harrison died in his sins... until a comment on one of our YouTube videos caused him to completely re-examine Harrison's life. What Ray found is quite incredible, and shows compelling evidence that Ray may have been (fortunately) wrong about G...

  • She Leaves Once This Christian Brings Up This Topic...

    Episode 3

    Mark Spence, a Christian, hits the streets to talk about people’s thoughts on the afterlife, mortality, the gospel, and any other subject that may come up. He ends up discussing some controversial subjects with a couple who eventually leaves once he brings up one topic in particular.

  • The Rock’s Faith Isn’t What It Looks Like...

    Episode 4

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has spoken about his faith many times over the years, but what does he truly believe? And where’s his faith at today? Ray Comfort studies The Rock’s faith, and then shows an evangelism encounter where a man also claimed to have a special faith in God... but there were so...

  • She Mocks Jesus Publicly, Then This Happens...

    Episode 5

    Comedian Heather McDonald made a distasteful joke about Jesus, and then something quite shocking happened. Ray Comfort uses this wild story as a springboard to talk about what the true love of Jesus is, and then explains how incredible the love of Jesus really is to two young people during evange...

  • You Won't Believe What They Did to an Old Lady In Church...

    Episode 6

    Recently, two young women approached an old woman in church and asked to pray with her. Little did she know that she was actually being robbed. Ray Comfort talks about this disappointing and wicked situation, and then shows an evangelism encounter with an elderly atheist who is just like the two ...

  • This 1 Thing Stops Ben Shapiro From Becoming a Christian

    Episode 7

    Many Christians look up to Ben Shapiro for good reasons, but unfortunately he has yet to embrace Jesus as his Savior. Why could this be? Ray Comfort looks deeper into Ben Shapiro's life and beliefs, and discusses the big sin issue that prevents him from becoming a Christian.

  • You’ll Be Shocked By Elon Musk and Einstein’s Views on God…

    Episode 8

    Elon Musk and Albert Einstein are two well-known geniuses in their own rights, who both actually share similar thoughts about God. Ray Comfort discusses these similarities, and then uses this topic as a springboard for the gospel in an evangelism conversation with two identical twins.

  • 3 Things Satan DOESN'T Want You to Know

    Episode 9

    There are three powerful things that Satan doesn't want you to know as a Christian, since they'll bolster your faith and fuel your evangelism. Ray Comfort explains what these three things are, and then helps you know how you can go out and share your faith by showing an evangelism encounter.

  • TENSE Abortion Debate: Pro-Lifer vs. Pro-Choice BLM Advocate

    Episode 10

    Mark Spence, pro-lifer, has an abortion debate with Michael, a pro-choice BLM advocate.

  • The 8 Dumbest Things People Did in the Bible

    Episode 11

    From Noah getting drunk and naked to David sleeping with Bathsheba, Ray Comfort goes through the eight dumbest things that people did in the Bible so that we can learn from their mistakes. He then shares the gospel with a man who has committed some sins that he doesn't even want to mention.

  • Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep's Recent Shocking Words...

    Episode 12

    Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep recently starred in a movie called Don't Look Up, where a large part of the movie involves people knowing they'll all die soon. In a promotional video, both Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep said some shocking words, but for two different reasons. Ray Comfort c...

  • My 2 Best Tips All Christians NEED to Hear

    Episode 13

    Ray Comfort shares the two best pieces of advice that he would give to any Christian. A Christian who takes heed to this wisdom is sure to live a fruitful Christian life. He then expounds on one of these tips by showing an interesting evangelism encounter where a man gets compelled by a question ...

  • Is Denzel Washington a Christian Now? Listen to His Answer

    Episode 14

    Is Denzel Washington a Christian? He talks about God quite regularly both on and off screen, but is he truly born again? Ray Comfort discusses this, and then shares the gospel with a young man who persistently shakes off the gospel.

  • How to Recognize the Coming Mark of the Beast

    Episode 15

    The Mark of the Beast is coming... it's only a matter of time. With many people having many different takes on what the Mark of the Beast may be, how can we recognize it when it's here? Ray Comfort looks into this important question from the Scriptures, and then uses the Mark of the Beast as a sp...

  • Bob Saget Talks About Life, Death, and Jesus

    Episode 16

    Legendary Full House actor and comedian Bob Saget passed away yesterday at age 65. Ray Comfort shows a segment where Bob Saget talks in depth about life and death, and even briefly mentions Jesus. Ray then shares the gospel with an extremely passionate atheist who mocks the idea of Christianity.

  • Is Elon Musk a Christian Now? Listen to His Answer

    Episode 17

    Is Elon Musk a Christian? Elon Musk recently had an interview with The Babylon Bee, where they discussed a variety of Christian-related topics, and Musk gives more insights into his spiritual perspectives. Ray Comfort then shares the gospel with a woman who happily listens to the gospel. May God ...

  • Mix Catholicism With Demons and THIS Is What Happens

    Episode 18

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort talks with a professing Catholic who clearly has been influenced demonically. This is one of the most interesting evangelism encounters you'll see in a while. Praise God that no one is too far for Christ to reach them.

  • Billie Eilish Slams Porn Use... But It’s Not Enough

    Episode 19

    Famous singer and songwriter Billy Eilish has made headlines recently for her shocking claims against porn use. While certainly commendable, Ray Comfort explains why it won't actually lead to any real lasting change, because it misses the main reason why people should avoid porn. He then shares t...