Living Waters - 2021

Living Waters - 2021

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2021

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2021
  • He’s Been Seeking Jesus...Then Cries After This Happens

    Episode 1

    Ray Comfort has a divine encounter with a man who was seeking Jesus just earlier that day. Watch as the Holy Spirit moves in this touching evangelism encounter, which ends in precious tears.

  • What made her want to repent and trust in Jesus?

    Episode 2

    Ray Comfort evangelizes to two kind people who warmly receive the gospel. They didn't understand or believe the gospel beforehand, but what Ray says helps them understand their need for Jesus.

  • False Convert Gets a Serious Wake-Up Call

    Episode 3

    Ray Comfort talks with a man who says he grew up as a Lutheran and asked Jesus into his heart, but from this evangelism interview it's clear that Jesus isn't dwelling in him. Perhaps God will use this conversation to wake him up to understand his need for Christ as he approaches eternity.

  • Nobody Really Knows What the Bible Says

    Episode 4

    Ray Comfort talks with a colorful woman who has some exciting beliefs. At one point, she mentions that nobody really knows what the Bible says, and also says that she doesn't believe the Bible because it didn't feel right to her when she read it before. Watch how Ray Comfort responds in today's e...

  • AC Man Visits Ray Comfort...Then This Happens

    Episode 5

    Ray Comfort needed to get his air conditioning upgraded, and ended up having a wonderful evangelism encounter with Juan.

  • Ray Comfort tells him that God hates him?

    Episode 6

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a humble and likable young man who has a lot of knowledge of the Bible. He soaks in everything Ray shares with him, but seems to think that God hates him because Ray supposedly told him that. But did Ray ever say anything like that?🤔

  • He’s Never Opened a Bible...but God Opens His Eyes!

    Episode 7

    Ray Comfort evangelizes to a young couple. The man says he's actually never opened a Bible in his entire life, and yet he gets his eyes opened during this delightful witnessing encounter.

  • Should Christians Believe in a Flat Earth?

    Episode 8

    Millions of people believe the earth is flat instead of a globe. In this video, we explore the claims of some Christians who use the Bible to promote this idea. Join the Living Waters team, along with Dr. Danny Faulkner from Answers in Genesis, as they reveal what’s really true about the shape of...

  • THIS Changed Their Minds About God in Minutes

    Episode 9

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a young couple who wonderfully embrace the truths of God’s Word.

  • They Laugh at Him for Wanting to Wait ‘til Marriage

    Episode 10

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with four young men. Unfortunately, they don't seem to take the gospel very seriously. At one point, they even mock their friend for wanting to be pure until marriage.

  • He Tries to Stump This Christian…It Backfires!

    Episode 11

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a man who is very knowledgeable of the Bible, but unfortunately believes that it's in error. Ray graciously shows him that it's not the Bible that's in's him. Watch how Ray Comfort responds to the biblical critiques that this man ...

  • Why was she so ABUSIVE to Ray Comfort?

    Episode 12

    Why was she so ABUSIVE to Ray Comfort?

  • Ray Comfort Calls Him Out for Reading This...

    Episode 13

    In today's evangelism encounter, Ray Comfort talks with Isaiah, a man who believes in some wild things that you've probably never heard of before. He even says that he thinks that the person who wrote the book he's reading is crazy!

  • Atheist Says Christians Are Dangerous. Watch Him Change!

    Episode 14

    Ray Comfort has a delightful conversation with Dallas Wade, a very friendly and commendable atheist who listens to everything Ray has to tell him.

  • She Used to Read the Bible, Until She Learned This

    Episode 15

    Ray Comfort talks with two kind people who have some religious beliefs, but lack genuine saving faith in Jesus. One of them used to read the Bible, but she stopped after she learned about something very difficult. Watch how Ray Comfort ministers to them in today's evangelism clip.

  • Dream Come True Christian’s Friend Turns to Christ!

    Episode 16

    Ray Comfort approaches two young men to share the gospel with them and finds out one of them is a Christian. His unsaved friend hears the gospel and responds in repentance and faith in Jesus! Ray also shares the gospel with a young woman who has a tender heart.

  • He Leaves After Ray Comfort Quotes This One Bible Verse

    Episode 17

    During evangelism at Huntington Beach, Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a kind young woman, a very New Age man, and a quiet and interesting man supposedly named Dracula. You'll love seeing their responses to the gospel.

  • Why is one open to the gospel, but the other isn’t?

    Episode 18

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with two people at Huntington Beach. One of them is prideful and doesn't receive a word he says, while the other is humble and receives much of what he says. You'll enjoy how these two evangelism encounters are interspersed.