Living Waters - 2021

Living Waters - 2021

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2021

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2021
  • Millions Coming to Christ in China - Very Encouraging!

    Episode 1

    Someone recently left a comment about Christianity being suppressed in China...but they have no idea what the Lord is actually doing there right now! Then Ray shares the gospel with two young men.

  • How a friend got to share the Gospel with Larry King

    Episode 2

    How a friend got to share the Gospel with Larry King

  • Heated encounter between Christian and skeptic

    Episode 3

    Heated encounter between Christian and skeptic😳

    Ray Comfort gets in a heated conversation with a skeptic who makes it very clear that he doesn't believe what the Bible says and doesn't care too. Every Christian used to hate God before he saved us, so pray for Dave's salvation. No one is outside ...

  • Anesthesiologist Isn’t Put to Sleep by Preacher

    Episode 4

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with an anesthesiologist who wasn't open at all to the gospel at first, but slowly seems to soak it in.

  • Not all evangelism interviews go great...

    Episode 5

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort can't seem to get this man to agree with a single point he makes.

  • Were the Ten Commandments Just for the Israelites? No.

    Episode 6

    Ray Comfort and team watch and discuss an important open-air evangelism encounter where a young man says that the Ten Commandments don't apply for people today.

  • Intelligent skeptic fascinated by what this Christian says!

    Episode 7

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort encounters a young and intelligent skeptic who doesn't believe in the Bible or in morality...but his eyes get opened to some profound truths during this interview.

  • Since Ray Comfort will go to Heaven, does he want to die?

    Episode 8

    As Ray Comfort is evangelizing at Huntington Beach, a man asks him if he'd be willing to die since he's going to Heaven anyways. Ray shares the gospel with another man who seems pleasantly surprised by what he has to say about the Bible.

  • Atheist Hears of God’s Offer of a Personal Miracle

    Episode 9

    Ray Comfort crosses swords with an interesting and likable atheist—about the moral implications of murder, of rape, and evidence for the existence of God. He then shares with him how God offers each of us a personal miracle.