Living Waters - 2020

Living Waters - 2020

3 Seasons

Assorted Living Waters videos from 2020

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2020
  • 5 Top Signs That the End Times Are Near

    Episode 1

    Ray Comfort goes through the Word of God to show five signs that the end times are near. He then interviews people to show how these signs are currently present.

  • Here’s What Ray Comfort’s Been Up To...

    Episode 2

    Here's something Ray's been doing during this quarantine.

  • He Didn’t Care About God...but was in Tears After Hearing This

    Episode 3

    Ray Comfort, a Christian evangelist, talks about Jesus with a young man who doesn't care much about Christianity at first. However, once Ray brings up his sin against God, it strikes his heart and he begins crying.

  • Who would Jesus vote for?

    Episode 4

    Ray Comfort reached out to Dr. James Dobson after reading a great article on his counsel for the upcoming election. Here's Dr. Dobson's counsel on how Christians should be thinking as November 3 approaches.

  • Atheist gets publicly humbled by preacher!

    Episode 5

    Ray Comfort, a Christian street preacher, clashes with an atheist...and the whole crowd laughs at the atheist after Ray humbles him with some little tricks!

  • Halloween: The Time to Evangelize the Lost

    Episode 6

    Halloween is National Evangelism Day! Get great Halloween-themed tracts for your Halloween outreach.

  • He was ok until I mentioned Jesus

    Episode 7

    Ray Comfort talks with a young steam-punker and shares the gospel with him. It all seemed normal...until Jesus was brought up.

  • He Knows the Commandments...but Doesn’t Obey Them

    Episode 8

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a man who knows so many of the Ten Commandments, but doesn't follow them. This video is a good reminder that many people know a lot of Bible truths and yet still aren't saved.

  • I don’t believe in god with a big G

    Episode 9

    Ray Comfort and team chalk-talk two evangelism encounters that Ray has. This is Episode 6 from our "Way of the Master: Home Edition" episodes, made from the hosts' homes during the pandemic quarantine.