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Lily's Lab

S1E6 Why Did God Make a Week Seven Days Long?

Season 1, Episode 6

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    Today's question comes from Caleb, age 11. Why did God let Adam name the animals? Why didn't He name them Himself?

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    Today's question comes from Olivia, age 7. Did Adam give each of the animals the names we call them today?

    How did the Tower of Babel affect what animals were called? Join Lily as she researches the answer to this question using the truth of the Bible in Genesis 2:20.

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    Today's question comes from Joshua, age 8. When were the other planets created?

    Was the Earth created before the other stars and planets? Is the Earth 3 days older than the other planets? In this episode, Lily calls on Dr. Danny Faulkner to help with the answer.

    Join Lily as she researches th...