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Up Next in Ken Ham’s Foundations (Excerpts)

  • Death the Enemy (Excerpt)

    An excerpt from Ken Ham's Foundations - “Death the Enemy”.

    “Death the Enemy” - Our world is now in need of restoration, and Ken shares the story of the agonizing death of his brother, a pastor and loving father, to illustrate that death is our enemy, and one day it will be vanquished!

    The full ...

  • In Six Days (Excerpt)

    An excerpt from Ken Ham's Foundations - "In Six Days".

    “In Six Days” - What difference does it make today whether the “days” of Genesis 1 were real 24-hour days or millions of years? Here, Ken Ham clears up today’s common misunderstandings in the debate about the “six days” of Creation.

    The ful...

  • “One Blood, One Race” Clip About Cain...

    An excerpt about Cain's wife from Ken Ham's Foundations - “One Blood, One Race”.

    “One Blood, One Race” - Understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” prejudice, and much more! On the lighter side, this video uses Ken’s comical perspect...

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