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Radioactive and Radiocarbon Dating: Turning Foe into Friend

Geology with Dr. Snelling • 1h 1m

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  • Rock Strata, Fossils, and the Flood

    What geologic evidence for the Flood should we expect to find today? Genesis describes the Flood waters as covering all the mountains everywhere, so we would expect to find evidence that:
    1. The ocean waters flooded over the continents
    2. Rapid burial of creatures and plants
    3. Widespread rapidly...

  • Scripture and Science Declare a Young...

    God has told us how and when He created the earth. He has not deceived us. We deceive ourselves if we ignore His eyewitness testimony.

    Genesis records God creating the earth on Day 1 of the Creation Week and man on Day 6. The genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11, and Luke 3:23-38 enable us to calcul...

  • Fossils: Buried in the Flood

    Starting from the Biblical description of the Flood, this presentation is an overview of six easily-grasped, convincing, large-scale evidences for the Flood. Visit examples of fossils and rock layers from the Grand Canyon that can be found across the North American continent and beyond.

    Dr. Andr...