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Human Chimp DNA Similarity--Is it really 98%?

Genesis Apologetics Ministry

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    This video provides a short overview of the 12+ supporting videos for Genesis Apologetics / "Genesis Impact". Topics include the primary evolutionary viewpoints presented in Natural History Museums: the Human-Chimp 99% Myth, key ape-to-human icons like Ardipithecus ramidus, “Lucy” the Australopit...

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    Lucy, the leading icon used for promoting human evolution in public schools, is reviewed and debunked in minutes using only secular science sources.

    Note: We are thrilled to partner with like-minded ministries to bring you a variety of faith-building content. Please be aware there may be some de...

  • Darwin’s Finches

    Natural History Museums everywhere feature Darwin's Finches as evidence for evolution theory. How do these finches support the idea of evolution? Are the changes we observe in finch beaks due to evolution or epigenetics?

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