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Dinosaurs and the Bible

Genesis Apologetics Ministry

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    The Bible records five miraculous events occurred at the Crucifixion of Christ: 3 hours of darkness, an earthquake, the temple veil tearing in half, graves opening and the dead being raised to life, and the conversion of the Roman Centurion and his guards.

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    Job chapter 40 describes "Behemoth" the chief of all of God's creative works. Could Behemoth be a sauropod dinosaur? This chapter states that Behemoth is the "first in rank" of all of God's creations and it as a tail that "sways like a cedar tree." Is there any other animal in history--besides a ...

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    Did God create the "Heavens, Earth, Sea, and everything in them" in just six days as God Himself said in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:11)?

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