Equipping Families to Stand

Equipping Families to Stand

7 Episodes

Discover the foundation and tools for biblical parenting, with solid answers from two Christian leaders, fathers, and grandfathers.

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Equipping Families to Stand
  • Developing Your Child's Character

    Episode 1

    Learn the importance of boundaries, discipline, and most importantly, teaching children to put their trust in Christ more than in their parents.

  • Biblical Identity and Releasing Your Child for Mission

    Episode 2

    Dennis Rainey discusses how to instill a biblical identity (sexual and spiritual) in your child and release them for their mission.

  • Equipping Your Child for Life Relationships

    Episode 3

    Dennis Rainey dives into the vital topic of your child's relationship with Christ and others.

  • The Relevance of Genesis for Today's Family

    Episode 4

    If we want our children to be able to stand, they need to know how to think foundationally from God's Word and be able to defend the Christian faith.

  • Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

    Episode 5

    Listen and watch as Ken Ham brings this practical message, searching the Scriptures to see what God says about bringing kids up to love him.

  • What Every Child Needs in a Mom and Dad

    Episode 6

    What are the top ten things that children need from mom and dad?

  • Panel Q&A
    Episode 7

    Panel Q&A

    Episode 7

    This informative and entertaining question-and-answer session addresses important topics of parenting, such as raising children to know and believe the Bible and creation.