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Defending a Young Earth with Dr. Terry Mortenson

S1E2 The Question of Origins: Why It Matters Part 2

Season 1, Episode 2

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  • S1E3 Origins and the Biblical Worldview

    What is a worldview and how is it related to the origins debate. This lecture defines worldview and the important questions that it addresses. Dr. Mortenson gives three reasons why every Christian needs to understand the role of worldviews in this controversy. He explains key points of a truly bi...

  • S1E4 How to Think About Origins

    Dr. Mortenson begins by explaining the significant difference between operation (experimental) science (which produces new technology or finds cures for disease) and origin (or historical) science (which attempts to reconstruct the past events that produced the evidence we see in the present, suc...

  • S1E5 Recent Creation in Six Literal D...

    For 200 years Christians have been told that the Bible is just not clear about the length of the days of creation in Genesis 1 and the age of the earth. This presentation presents the strong biblical evidence that God created the universe in six literal days about 6000 years ago. He then refutes...