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Up Next in S7: "Evidence for Evolution"

  • Thinking About “Bad Designs”

    A textbook argument against creation is that nature includes “bad designs” which point to evolution rather than a Creator. For example, food and air both pass through the pharynx, which can lead to choking, and a small blind spot exists in the human eye. Let’s apply some critical thinking checks ...

  • Biogeography

    Biogeography, the study of living things’ geographic distributions, supposedly supports evolution. But is that true? Let’s apply some Critical Thinking Checks to the popular claim that marsupials (like kangaroos) live only on southern continents because their ancestors evolved there.

  • Endosymbiosis

    Endosymbiosis is the story of how ‘complex’ cells supposedly evolved from ‘simpler’ ones. The cells considered most complex, like animal and plant cells, are called eukaryotic, while cells like bacteria are prokaryotic. How did eukaryotic cells get some of the structures prokaryotes lack? Textboo...