CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan

CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan

15 Seasons

Critical Thinking Scan with Patricia Engler can help you process any faith-challenging message and reach a biblical, logical conclusion yourself.

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CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan
  • The History of Propaganda

    Episode 1

    Propaganda is a key driver of today’s consumer culture, but it hasn’t always been like this. By looking back at where modern propaganda techniques came from, we can be become more aware of how propagandists operate, and how to think critically about their messages. Here’s the story behind modern ...

  • Handout 1 - The History of Propaganda

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  • The Power of Authority

    Episode 2

    A message can sound true just because its source looks authoritative. Some famous experiments in the 60’s showed just how psychologically powerful authority is, revealing that over two thirds of normal adults will unwillingly hurt someone just because an authority figure says to. Knowing how pers...

  • Handout 2 - The Power of Authority

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  • The Power of Conformity

    Episode 3

    Is a message true because many people seem to think so? Logic says no, but psychology shows that popular opinion is incredibly persuasive. Research reveals that a third of students will give a wrong answer to an easy question, just because everyone else does. People are also less likely to think ...

  • Handout 3 - The Power of Conformity

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  • The Power of Repeated Messages

    Episode 4

    Repeating a lie can’t make it true, but repetition is sure an effective propaganda technique. Here are some studies that illustrate the incredible persuasive force of repetition, powerful enough to make people call a dubious statement true—even if they originally knew it was false. Amazingly, the...

  • Handout 4 - The Power of Repeated Messages

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  • Emotions and Persuasion

    Episode 5

    Emotions are powerful persuasive forces, but when do appeals to emotion become fallacies? God created us with great emotional capacities, but in our fallen world, emotions can be used to mislead us to believe wrong or illogical ideas. Propaganda often involves strong emotional appeals, and resear...

  • Handout 5 - Emotions and Persuasion

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