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CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan

What About Slavery in the Bible? (Part 1)

Season 13, Episode 1

Up Next in S13: The Bible

  • What About Slavery in the Bible? (Par...

    Does the Bible condone slavery? Let’s apply Critical Thinking Check #4, Check the Definitions, to unpack what slavery in Old and New Testament cultures involved, how it compared to most Westerners’ concepts of slavery today, and how Scripture truly addresses the issue of human exploitation.

  • Answering Bible “Contradictions”

    Culture often argues the Bible is full of contradictions, and therefore, can’t be trusted. However, a careful look at “contradictory” passages often reveals no contradiction at all. In fact, such passages are often complementary, reflecting the Bible’s eyewitness historicity. Here are some tips f...

  • Does the Bible Borrow from Pagan Lege...

    Are the Bible’s accounts of creation, the flood, and Jesus real history, or just spin-offs of ancient Near Eastern myths? Real or imagined similarities between Scripture and folklore have been used to argue that the Bible is just a collection of borrowed myths, but let’s apply some critical think...