CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan

CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan

15 Seasons

Critical Thinking Scan with Patricia Engler can help you process any faith-challenging message and reach a biblical, logical conclusion yourself.

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CT Scan: Critical Thinking Scan
  • Good Without God?

    Episode 1

    Let’s see how to think about arguments that say moral values evolved naturally, and require no lawgiver, God. Questions to ask include, “What are the foundations of moral standards, who define what counts as ‘good,’ and why should we act according to those definitions?”

  • Handout 1 - Good Without God?

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  • The Euthyphro Dilemma

    Episode 2

    An old argument that God can’t be the source of objective morality goes like this: “If God commands certain actions because they’re moral, then objective morality exists outside of God. But if actions are moral because God commanded them, then morality is not objective, but arbitrary.” Let’s thin...

  • Handout 2 - The Euthyphro Dilemma

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  • Is God Ever a Bully?

    Episode 3

    Is the God of the Bible a bully? A top objection to Christianity argues that God is not good, for instance, because He drowned people in the global flood, commanded the Israelites to kill other nations, and condemns people to hell. Let’s explore how to think about such arguments by checking what ...

  • Handout 3 - Is God Ever a Bully?

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