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Up Next in S10: Belief and Christianity

  • Did Religious Beliefs Result from Evo...

    The story in secular classrooms and culture says that humans started believing in God because “religion” provided some evolutionary advantage. Using the 7 Checks of Critical Thinking, we can break this message down, define the terms, spot the propaganda, identify the assumptions and arrive at a l...

  • What About Hypocrisy in the Church?

    A popular objection to Christianity is that people in the church may be hypocrites. Religious hypocrisy is a sad reality, which Jesus Himself detested. But is hypocrisy a logical reason to dismiss the Christian worldview? 

  • Haven’t Christians Done Bad Things?

    A top objection to Christianity is that people who called themselves Christians have done wrong things, even quoting the Bible to try justifying their actions. Does that mean the Bible is false? While wrongdoings are tragic, the fact that professing Christians can do wrong or misapply Scripture i...