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Creation Basics

S1E57 Is Young Earth Creation a newer idea (part 2)?

Season 1, Episode 57

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  • S1E58 Do dinosaur bones have soft tis...

    Do dinosaur (and ‘dinosaur era’ creatures) bones have soft tissue inside? Yes! It’s been found over 80 times now!

  • S1E59 Where are Christian missionarie...

    Where are Christian missionaries needed the most? Jesus’ command to believers to “Go and make disciples of all the nations” includes their own, where in the past countless missionaries strived long and hard to convert many to the Christian faith, only to see it washed away in a sea of secularism. 

  • S1E60 What is the Master of Disguise?

    What is the master of disguise? And what can it tell us about the incredible handiwork of God in His creation?