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Creation Basics

S1E6 Can you live your life without moral absolutes?

Season 1, Episode 6

Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E7 Why should a ‘young earth’ even ...

    Far from being a side-issue, the age of the earth is vital to consistent gospel witness. Many Christians may have never considered the damage to the concept of biblical authority that adopting the secular timescale has done.

  • S1E8 How did you come to know what yo...

    Have you ever wondered why you believe, what you believe? Do Christians believe the Bible just because that’s what their parents taught them while bible skeptics are ‘free thinkers’?

  • S1E9 Could belief in evolution be lin...

    Could belief in evolution be linked to youth suicide? Suicidal tendencies are often linked to people that believe there is no meaning and purpose in their lives, and that is the dominant worldview being taught in public education today.