GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith

GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith

8 Seasons

Join Calvin Smith (Executive Director and Speaker with AiG Canada) and his guests as they have G.R.E.A.T. (Gospel, Relevance, Evangelism, Apologetics, Training) Conversations relating to church and culture today. Discover how Answers in Genesis resources impact lives in gospel outreach.

Answers in Genesis, Canada (AiG CA) equips thousands of Canadians and millions worldwide to defend their faith and proclaim the gospel more frequently and effectively through our powerful video content.

From 60-second shorts to our multi-episode Answers Originals, AiG CA produces a wide variety of high-impact media content guaranteed to invigorate the faith of believers and challenge skeptics to consider the truth claims of God’s word from the very first verse!

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GREAT Conversations with Calvin Smith
  • S4E1 The Great Gospel Reset! With special guest Cory Mckenna.

    Episode 1

    The collapse of western culture has come about because of a lack of biblical authority, starting with believers inability to defend a plain reading of Genesis- the seedbed of all Christian doctrines. Hear why we need a Great Gospel Reset and how to do it! With special guest Cory Mckenna.

  • S4E2 Darwinism and Marxism - Connecting the Dots

    Episode 2

    Darwinism and Marxism - connecting the dots. Marxism is how the insanity of the culture war we are currently experiencing is being manifested. But it’s founded and can only operate on evolutionary ideas.

  • S4E3 Learning about Life and Liberty in Canada! With Special Guest David Cooke

    Episode 3

    Christians must begin engaging the political sphere as believers did in Paul’s day in Rome, testifying to Caesar, educating Caesar and pleading with Caesar. Our guest today specializes in informing the public on what the government is doing and how we can respond. Learning about Life and Liberty ...

  • S4E4 Fascinating Fossils

    Episode 4

    Fascinating fossils tell us about biblical authority and how to use them in Gospel conversation.

  • S4E5 Adapting evangelism to an evolutionary culture! Special Guest Cory McKenna

    Episode 5

    In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) sits down with the Founder of the Cross Current ministry- Mr. Cory McKenna to discuss how to adapt our evangelism efforts to our current situation in the Western, and what churches need t...

  • S4E6 Four Pillars: Building the Church in an Age of Decline! Guest David Cooke

    Episode 6

    Christians in Canada are watching society get dismantled and rebuilt according to the secular worldview of the day. Explore how you can be part of the solution as we unpack ‘4 Pillars: Building the Church in an Age of Decline’, with special guest and author David Cooke, the Campaign Manager with ...

  • S4E7 Who wants to be a millionaire?

    Episode 7

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Why discovering where the DNA code came from is a million-dollar question.

  • S4E8 Is evolution scientific by definition?

    Episode 8

    What exactly is science, and does the story of evolution measure up to it?

  • S4E9 Looking for the cause of “spiritual death”

    Episode 9

    Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses the growing number of apostates in the Christian church and looking for the cause of “spiritual death”.

  • S4E10 The Devolution of Man

    Episode 10

    The Devolution of man. Man may not have evolved from lower animals, but he is devolving from a previously better state.

  • S4E11 Amazing Animals 1 of 7 - Dragonflies Demonstrate Design!

    Episode 11

    Amazing Animals 1 of 7- Dragonflies demonstrate design! Job 12:7–9 declares that God’s creatures demonstrate His mighty works, and even the simplest of insects certainly do so!

  • S4E12 Amazing Animals 2 of 7 - The Spider Decoy’s Marvelous Marionette

    Episode 12

    The Spider Decoy’s marvelous marionette. An eight-legged example of the failure of evolutionary explanation.