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Up Next in Canada Feature Videos 2024

  • S5E2 Using Offense as a Defense

    Many Christians have been so intimidated and bullied by others telling them they are offended—by what the Christian said or what the Bible says—that personal gospel witness in the West has almost come to a standstill.

  • S5E3 Micro Machines Inside Living Things

    The incredible motor protein kinesin is found inside all living things. And though most of you reading this likely never even knew this was happening, they are very much like tiny biological robots walking around inside you in all your cells at this very moment.

  • S5E4 Keeping it Super Simple

    We often see well-meaning churches, situated within this godless society we now find ourselves in, focused on a wide variety of good activities that might be keeping people busy, but they are making little real-world impact in culture. In a big-picture sense, the church isn’t affecting the world ...