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  • Sea Kids Episode 12 - Humility & Wisdom

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    Episode 12

    “Let Others Shine” - A Lesson About Humility
    Freddy tries out for the lead part in the school play, boasting that he is the best choice. He prays to Jesus, asking to be more like John the Baptist as a humble servant.
    James 4:6

    “Knowledge is the Best Treasure” - A Lesson About Wisdom

  • Sea Kids Episode 13 - Fearfulness & Acceptance

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    Episode 13

    “Scaredy Crab” - A Lesson About Fearfulness
    The Sea Kids are frightened by a storm. June, January and Mandy are fearful during a sleepover. The Sea Kids learn faith can overcome fear.
    Psalm 27:1

    “A Shocking Fib” - A Lesson About Acceptance
    Freddy spreads a lie about Slim. Slim prays ...

  • GENESIS: Paradise Lost Trailer - Long

    With cutting-edge cinematography, "GENESIS: Paradise Lost" brings the creation of the universe to life! Using stunning visual effects, epic orchestration, and the latest scientific and historical research, this film explores the context of the highly studied and hotly-debated book of Genesis. Viv...

  • The Wild Brothers: Islands of the Four Kings Trailer

    As students of God’s Word, creation, and local cultures, the Wild Brothers are always looking for the next adventure. As a new season of life finds them in Raja Ampat –– the alluring Islands of the Four Kings –– the brothers face a mystery more challenging than anything they have encountered befo...

  • Full Length Trailer - The Red Sea Miracle

  • Dismantled Evolution Trailer

    Education systems and the media have repeatedly told us that humans and all living creatures evolved from a single-celled organism through random copying errors in the DNA (called mutations) and the reproductive filter of natural selection. This allegedly occurred over billions of years through u...

  • Trailer: Debunking Evolution

    Join study partners, John and Jane as they explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory and why the Bible makes the most sense of the scientific evidence. An essential video for Christian students attending Junior High to College. Most public schools teach evolution theory as fact, taking a ...