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Up Next in Biology with Dr. Purdom

  • The Code of Life

    Dissect the evidence found in DNA for clues to its origin and find that the processes touted by evolutionists are greatly embellished.

  • Genetics, Evolution, and Creation (2020)

    Genetics, Evolution, and Creation: Most Asked Questions

    From beneficial mutations to natural selection to “junk” DNA, many evolutionists attempt to use discoveries in the field of genetics as supposed proof for the common ancestry of all life on earth. But does what we observe in genetics really...

  • Are Humans Related to Chimps?

    One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether Adam and Eve were real people. Sadly, many believe that genetics has proven that humans and chimps share a common ancestor disproving the existence of an original couple specially created by God. As a consequence, many have b...