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Up Next in Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show: September, 2021

  • Love Our Enemies; Joel 1-3

    The book of the prophet Joel comes after the book of Hosea and represents prophecies given by the man of the same name. Joel means, “Yah is God” and his book is only 73 verses long, making it one of the shortest in the entire Old Testament. The time of Joel is disputed, it is likely from before t...

  • Idols Prevail; Hosea 12-14

    There is a stark difference between erring while trying to worship God, and worshipping idols instead of God. God’s people had gone from bad to worse, despite His many warnings and messages to them, and the results were devastating. The LORD punished the people of Israel because they had left the...

  • Palaces Devoured; Hosea 8-11

    God’s calling is a majestic thing. To be summoned by the divine mind in order to accomplish God’s will is not a small thing; it is what our very lives are made for. God created us to fulfill His will by following His teaching and to present Him to the world as the Redeemer. A huge problem that we...