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Up Next in July, 2021

  • Israel’s Return; Isaiah 12-14

    What God reveals through His prophets is true and proven. We witness the conclusion of God’s punishment upon Israel, as they return from seventy years of exile. God chose to fulfill the Sabbath years that were not observed during the time of the Kings. God tells the eighth century BC prophet, Isa...

  • Climates Will Change; Isaiah 22-24

    Biblical prophecy often surprises the reader. Isaiah 24 strongly and strikingly speaks of the earth drying up, withering, and being burned. The method through which God judged the evil earth back in Genesis, via global flood, is no longer the issue. Lack of water and fire is! This is really intri...

  • Beginning of the End; Isaiah 25-27

    Eschatology is a word that means the study of the last things. It relates to the end of this world as we know it, and how God will continue. God uses His prophets to share messages about the end of time and the beginning of eternity. Isaiah 27 is a part of a larger whole that speaks about how God...