Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

From social issues and apologetics to theology, history and science, our mission is to educate, edify and encourage the believer to actively engage with God’s Word in all ways.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)
  • Bildad; Job 8-11

    Episode 1

    Job’s second friend, Bildad, claims that Job should repent! The problem was that Job was not hiding some secret sin, and he had been careful to give offerings to God as a sign of his daily repentance and concern for righteousness. It is a very easy thing to claim to know what’s what and pronounce...

  • Zophar; Job 12-15

    Episode 2

    How should we communicate God’s life-giving power? Zophar chose to tell Job that it was time for him to repent; that the troubles he was having was due to his own problems and inadequacy when measured against the holiness of God. These friends of Job are great examples for us. When we discover th...

  • Terror; Job 16-19

    Episode 3

    There is a time when terror is good for us! It’s good for us to know and feel that we should dodge away from a car travelling fast; being hit by a speeding vehicle is good for us to avoid. It would be even better that next time we do not walk on the road! Fear can be a powerful force of motivatio...

  • Thinking We’re Helping; Job 20-23

    Episode 4

    What does it mean to be in the right or righteous? Is it obeying the law or being spiritual? A prevalent theme throughout the Old and New Testament is law and spirit are married like our thought and behavior, and it is impossible to be right with God without the promise and provision of Messiah: ...

  • Understanding God; Job 24-28

    Episode 5

    One of the ways we learn about God is to look at nature. Through His creation, we know that we cannot even grasp the edges of God’s unlimited power. But, through the power of His Word, we are able to learn about and listen to God’s character. This is the amazing thing about the LORD. God, through...

  • God Answers; Job 37-39

    Episode 6

    When God unexpectantly confronts Job, He more than fulfills Job’s demands by asking him 83 rhetorical questions. That is, God is asking Job question after question that he clearly cannot answer. Job is claiming to be the servant of God who, it seems at first glance, has offended God through his d...

  • Through Suffering; Job 40-42

    Episode 7

    Often, when faced with trouble, we are quick to question God about the how and why we are suffering rather than realizing that, in this life, there will be trouble (JOHN 16:33). As Christians, followers of Christ, we willingly give up our personal wants to do what God desires. In today’s world, m...

  • Music & Purpose; Psalms 1-8

    Episode 8

    Everything we do on earth affects our life in eternity. This includes the music we listen to and why we listen to it. Music is not neutral. God made us musical for a reason, and He has given us 150 Psalms to read and meditate on. Sing a new song – a common phrase in Scripture – highlights the mea...

  • Faith & Righteousness; Psalms 9-14

    Episode 9

    Music reveals the truths of God but not in a subtle, insignificant or casual way. The LORD’s character is indescribably beautiful. God’s ways are right, totally right, and never, ever false or evil. Music is an amazing way to communicate this, and the Psalms make it clear that God is miraculous, ...

  • Worthy vs. Worthless; Psalms 15-18

    Episode 10

    It seems like people are programmed today to judge each other without any context. Social media forums encourage and celebrate ‘calling out’ people who are wrong, different or strange without looking in the mirror. But God speaks clearly to everyone, no matter where they are: about who is worthy ...

  • To Be Right With God; Psalms 29-32

    Episode 11

    What does it mean to be “right with God”? For starters, being right with God is not something we can do in ourselves. We are not holy by nature. It is a gift from the LORD through Jesus Christ. We depend upon God for everything good. So, we have to pay close attention to our reasoning and emotion...

  • Wickedness & Perfection; Psalms 33-36

    Episode 12

    When the Bible says God is perfect, it means more than just perfectly good. God is perfect in all things – logic, emotion, action, purpose, judgment, truth, etc. But the meaning of perfection is lost on a lot of people, if not everyone. We have a sense of it, like how eternity is written on our h...

  • Going Against Evil; Psalms 37-40

    Episode 13

    If we pursue evil inwardly, and hold every thought captive, it will change our perspective and attitude. We are called to change how we think, to find the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.

    Interestingly, this inward call of salvation and sanctification is expressed in how we engage with...

  • Survival vs. Sacrifice; Psalms 41-44

    Episode 14

    When we pursue God, nothing else should be in view. We can easily become overwhelmed by the things of this world, even if they are necessary for survival. Jesus Christ said, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what ...

  • Coming of Christ; Psalms 45-49

    Episode 15

    The second coming of Christ should be a constant theme for believers everywhere. It should underpin our thought and behavior. His promise to return should resound in our ears when we ponder the moral direction of how the world is moving. Soon, Jesus Christ will return! And, ready or not, He will ...

  • The Protection of God; Psalms 60-64

    Episode 16

    God’s protection is subtle yet overwhelming. Sometimes it goes unseen, and other times it couldn’t be more apparent. When we consider that, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are enemies of this world – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical enemies – God’s protection is just awesome! When we come ...

  • Praising His Name; Psalms 65-68

    Episode 17

    God does not reject repentance, nor does He neglect praise. God loves a sincere, humble prayer warrior. When you think about it, David was the ultimate prayer warrior. In spite of all of his faults, and he had many, he always repented and gave praise to God. And God did not withhold His love from...

  • Ceaseless Prayer; Psalms 69-72

    Episode 18

    In times of deep trouble, sorrow, or despair, it is a gut reaction to cry out to God. In these traumatic moments or crises, we may feel like we’re trapped or spiraling out of control. We’re just sinking deeper and deeper into darkness and chaos. But no matter how deep you go, God is always listen...

  • The Just Wrath of God; Psalms 73-76

    Episode 19

    There is a vast difference between the wrath of man and the wrath of God. Our emotions are fallible and inconsistent, but God’s emotions are the expression of perfection. You cannot compare the two. There is absolutely nothing evil about His emotions. Even His anger, His wrath, comes from a place...

  • Cry Out to God!; Psalms 77-79

    Episode 20

    Sometimes when we are so discouraged, distressed, or depressed, our souls feel depleted and it is difficult to have any hope. Within this anguish, the fear that God has left you and will never return grows stronger and stronger. It feels like your heart is surrounded by an enemy army sieging a ci...

  • Wisdom vs. Foolishness; Psalms 90-94

    Episode 21

    There is no such thing as wisdom without God. Why is that? There are clearly very intelligent people out there, much more intelligent than I am. So why is wisdom reserved for the Godly, and foolishness is for those who ignore God’s way? For one, intelligence, shrewdness and rationality alone do n...

  • May, 2021 Bible Discovery Guide: Job - Psalms

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