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Up Next in April, 2021

  • Trouble Within Israel; 1 Chronicles 1-5

    Trouble seemed to follow the family of Jacob. On the night Jacob wrestled with God, before he reconciled with his brother Esau, the LORD renamed him Israel because he had fought with man and God and prevailed. There is only one nation in the world today that bears that name; Israel is a nation Go...

  • Trouble Never Quits; 1 Chronicles 6-9

    The Bible is a book committed to keeping the truth front and center. When the names of those who make up the nation of Israel are recorded in their generations, they are recorded without any favour. The children that they had in the land of Moab (Lot’s descendants) and what they did are recorded ...

  • Leading; 1 Chronicles 18-21

    David had tremendous success as the king of God’s nation, Israel. Politically, he made a lot of good choices. Personally, he was a human like the rest of us and so he made mistakes. Sometimes his bad personal choices impacted Israel, as was the case with prince Absalom’s rebellion. A special char...