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Up Next in March, 2021

  • God’s Power; Joshua 20-24

    Joshua assigned the land to the people of Israel, which is what God commanded. Some of these assignments were made a year before when Moses was alive. But the LORD promised the people and He planned to fulfill the covenant He made. This was the beginning of the nation’s land history. No longer we...

  • The Ways We Learn; Judges 1-3

    The Hebrew title Shophetim means Judges, and can also mean governors or rulers. I believe that there were a total of thirteen of these moral leaders the book of Judges highlights. Samuel was not born a Levite but an Ephrathite, yet he ended up in the Tent Tabernacle with the duties of a Levite. I...

  • A Powerful Mother; Judges 4-6

    Judges 4 tells an under-reported story in ancient Israel. The judge and prophetess Deborah led Israel out of the hands of King Hazor. For twenty years, Hazor had dominated and subjugated Israel. The last time they were oppressed like this was during the time of Judge Ehud. Deborah was active in t...