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Up Next in January, 2021

  • God, Turn from Your Wrath!; Exodus 30-32

    In many of the recorded situations that we see him in, Moses seems to have been a hothead. When God is ready to release His wrath on the people however, it inspired Moses’ mercy. Moses challenged what God said He was going to do to Israel, and God relented. This is a challenge to understand becau...

  • Instructions & Intentions; Exodus 33-36

    When God began the process of restoring Israel, they were instructed in giving and the art of making things for the LORD. It is not that the LORD needed anything to be made, but they were workers and God had to put their work priorities in proper order. Remember that they had been slaves for year...

  • The Bronze Altar; Exodus 37-40

    The worship articles for God were inspired by God Himself and then crafted by the people of Israel. The altar was one of those items. The way it was fashioned made a statement about who it was they were worshipping. In the ancient world, a sacrifice was a deep symbolic ritual of great importance....