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  • Vindication; Psalms 24-28

    "Vindication means to clear a person of false charges laid against them, such as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like. Psalm 26 is a song written by David, God's anointed choice for king when everyone was coming against him. David desired to be vindicated. In First and Second Ki...

  • The Voice of the Lord; Psalms 29-32

    "God's voice is unlike anything we have ever heard. The voice of the LORD changes things around it. It creates a thing from nothing, causes things to move, heals things that are wrong, and commands everything to shift to the right. God's voice is a healing voice, but also a commanding and confron...

  • The Word & Work of God; Psalms 33-36

    "Rejoicing in the LORD is the essence of praising God. When we praise God, we are telling the truth in a world full of lies. As Christians, our goal is to fulfill the will of God, and the will of God makes us a people devoted to truth. A big part of that devotion is praising God, because that is ...