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Up Next in March 2023

  • The Unpleasant Truth; Judges 1-3

    The fact that Bible was not written for the good publicity of ancient Israel is very apparent when you get to the book of Judges. If anyone were trying to write a book of propaganda, they would steer away from most of the stories contained in this Biblical book. No, the Bible isn’t attempting to ...

  • Our Personal Call; Judges 10-13

    "In our reading today, we see how God chooses the least likely man for the task. It’s amazing how the Bible records the truth of Israel’s history so that we can learn from the foul-ups, bleeps, and blunders of those who have come before us. A common human blunder has always been leadership. Even ...

  • An Awful Mess; Judges 14-17

    "God has revealed Himself and His ways in the pages of the Bible. It takes time and work to uncover these truths and understand what God is saying, but the medium, that it is a book with traceable history, allows us to be confident in its unchanging nature and gives us time
    to think about it and ...