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Up Next in March 2023

  • Change of Leadership; 1 Samuel 1-4

    "The transition of the leadership of Israel from Judges to Kings is the theme of the book of 1 Samuel. Samuel was the thirteenth and last Judge of Israel. The people had decided that they wanted a king. No more would God raise up temporary deliverers to rescue Israel from their physical enemies. ...

  • The Failure; 1 Samuel 13-16

    "Saul was established as the king of Israel, but he did not rule by following the LORD as he should have. The passage we read today exposes some harsh truths about Saul, and reasons why God had rejected his kingship. Saul was a handsome and stately man on the outside, but inside he was stubbornly...

  • Living in Fear; 1 Samuel 17-19

    "Israel had originally asked for a king because they wanted leadership like the nations around them. Even though God was clear that a king would cost Israel dearly, that was still their choice. Even though God had chosen Saul, because of Saul’s choices, God eventually rejected his kingship. We’re...