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  • The First World War; Genesis 14-17

    "Four against five! This was the fight of nations in which Abram had to go in and resolve. He
    was not looking for a fight but when he learned how the kings had come to the city of Sodom,
    looted it and took his nephew Lot captive, Abram assembled an army of 318 men and traveled
    as far as Dan in pu...

  • Laughter; Genesis 18-20

    "Laughter is a wonderful expression of delight and, in some cases, surprise or disbelief. This is exactly the reaction that Sarah had as she listened in on a conversation her husband Abraham was having with his three visitors. The LORD told Abraham that when He returned in about a year’s time she...

  • Fear; Genesis 26-28

    "Fear is one of humanity’s great motivators. When we respond out of fear, it is very easy
    to make wrong decisions. Ever since Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and humanity
    has lost its place of protection and provision, a main driving force within us is fear. So,
    just like his father Abraham did...