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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

Vanity, Vanity, All is Vanity; Ecclesiasties 1-3

Season 6, Episode 16

Up Next in June, 2022

  • Living in Vanity; Ecclesiasties 4-6

    "Many who have much seek to have more, more than they need. And some who are wealthy have difficulty giving money to those who need it. Quite often giving is done with a requirement so that the person doing the giving will get something in return. The problem is: that is not really giving. Jesus ...

  • Things We Cannot Control; Ecclesiasti...

    "There are many things in our lives we cannot control. We spend much of our life trying to take control by doing what we desire. Ecclesiastes 8 tells us the truth about the things that we cannot control. Wisdom is often understood by our reactions to life. That is why it is always best to come to...

  • Love & Death; Song of Solomon 4-8

    "A signet seal was an ancient signature, a way to identify yourself in the ancient world. It was uniquely carved for each person. You would carry your seal wherever you went, it was a sign of not only your approval but who you were. Solomon uses the signet seal as an analogy with loving his wife,...