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Up Next in February, 2022

  • The Blessing of God; Leviticus 25-27

    As followers of Christ, we live in the many blessings of God. The LORD has given us the intelligence, the skills, and the ability to work and make a living, so we should give to God accordingly. God promised the people of Israel that He would bless them if they kept His commandments. One of those...

  • Offerings; Numbers 7-9

    The offerings of Israel were very important to the priests of Israel. God had established the priesthood through His calling instead of through human election or qualifications like their level of education. God makes His decisions according to His knowledge of the past, present, and future. His ...

  • Departure from Sinai; Numbers 10-13

    "The first time the camp of Israel moved is highlighted in Numbers 10. It was the twentieth
    day of the second month, in the second year. When the cloud that normally rested over the
    Tabernacle raised up and moved, the people knew that it was time for them to move on too.
    While this marks the firs...